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  1. August 12, 2011

    Friends Don’t Let Friends Steal Your Intellectual Property — Brand Protection in Social Media

      Andrew will be a panelist in a program sponsored by the New York County Lawyers’ Association on brand protection. The program will be held on September 13 at the Association’s Auditorium at 14 Vesey Street, 2nd Floor in N.Y. Other panelists are Sarah Feingold, general counsel at Etsy, Inc. and James Grimmelman, Associate Professor at New York Law School and a member of its Institute for Information Law and Policy.

  2. July 5, 2011

    Part # 2: More On Protecting Your Brand Against New Forms of Online Infringement and Challenges

      Here is the 2d part of my video interview with the Cornell eClips program on brand protection on the Internet. Part 1 of the interview is here. Q. What Are Some More Low-Cost Suggestions for Dealing with Online Infringement? A. You may want to pay the infringer to migrate elsewhere; a payment sounds counter-intuitive but the money you spend may be less than the cost of a lawsuit.