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  1. December 13, 2011

    Guest Blog Post by Mark Grossman: A How-To Guide for Negotiating Tech Deals

      Introduction by Andrew Berger Negotiating tech deals is a bit like trying to navigate through uncharted waters. There are no statutes or regulations to guide the voyage. Instead as my colleague Mark Grossman in his guest post explains below, negotiating a tech deal requires an understanding of unwritten industry norms. Armed with that understanding, you can push in those areas where you may have an impact and, as Mark aptly says “choreographing your concessions around areas where you’re not likely to win the battle anyway.” Mark explains a number of invaluable “How Tos,” including how to draft a warranty to protect against the unexpected; how to protect against a loss when the unexpected occurs; how to limit the limitations on liability and how to avoid the tendency to see the deal’s starting point as the vendor’s form.