Chloé v. Queen Bee: its Impact on Trademark Infringement Actions Against Internet Counterfeiters:Teleconference

Andrew will moderate a one-hour teleconference sponsored by Law Seminars International next Wednesday October 6 at 1 pm NY time discussing the recent 2d Circuit case of Chloé v. Queen Bee and its impact on  trademark infringement actions against Internet counterfeiters. Here is the link to the program brochure. The panelists are Joan K. Archer, Esq. of Lathrop & Gage LLP in  Kansas City, Missouri  and Eric J. Shimanoff  of Cowan Liebowitz and Latman P.C. in N.Y.

The program will cover the following:

1.      How the Chloé decision has changed long-arm personal jurisdictional standards in trademark cases in the 2d Circuit

2.      How the long-arm jurisdiction standards established in Chloé compare with those in other jurisdictions

3.      Implications of the Chloé decision for all parties

4.      Guidance in response to a question not answered in Chloé: is a sale of a counterfeit good to an investigator sufficient to establish trademark infringement?

5.      Guidance in response to another question not answered in Chloé: may a brand owner “manufacture” personal jurisdiction by arranging for a sale to take place in its chosen forum?

6.      Best practices to combat counterfeiting and to prosecute counterfeiters

I hope you will attend. For more discussion about Chloé and the issues and questions it raises please see my posts here and here.